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 Thoughts | Music Production | Art

“This is my quest, to reach for that star, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far.”

- Joe Darion

Quotable Quotes

You probably have noticed that quotes are a huge part of philosophy if that’s one of your interests. And there is a lot of them.. Tons. So I will gather my favorite quotes here in this post. Also a good idea now that I’m planning my tattoo which will have…

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The Tattoo

So this will be my tattoo project post. Updated with all my ideas as I’m planning my massive tattoo over the years. Yes, I’m gonna plan this tattoo for atleast 2 years as I’m following “Go big, or go home”, and I’m not doing any of that meaningless tribal tattoo…

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The Bassics

The Bassics The bassline and kick is often what makes an electronic track, with a few drum elements they can create an amazing groove. If you don’t give the bassline and kick any attention or mix them in a horrible way, they can destroy the rest of the track, no…

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A trance song’s elements and how to

I got a mail from TranceMusicMastery telling me that he has now learned the members of all he can, which is worth the time creating tutorials for. So he will not be uploading more videos and puts it all on hold for an indefinite amount of time. However, the…

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